Have You Made Your Own Yarny? These Awesome People Have!

Mere minutes after Unravel was revealed at E3, fans started grabbing yarn, wire, and creating their own little friends to explore with. We and the team at Coldwood were floored by everyone's passion and creativity. While some tried to recreate Yarny as closely as possible (and did a super good job of it), others opted to make their own spin on it. 

There are tiny Yarnys, pink Yarnys, and even totally different takes on Unravel's hero. Below are some of the coolest we've seen so far.



Have you made a Yarny doll? If so, we'd love if you'd share it with us! Send us pictures (and work-in-progress shots) on Twitter and Instagram and we might share them with other Unravel fans. Drop it on your shoulder, or take your Yarny outside to explore the world. Yarny wants to reconnect you with your favorite people and places.