Thank You from Coldwood

Hi everyone, this is Martin Sahlin, Creative Director at Coldwood. I’d like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you, to all of you. Showing off Unravel at E3 was a pretty huge moment for me, and for us at Coldwood - and being able to show it off again at Gamescom this week was truly special. It’s honestly quite hard to describe the feeling, so I’ll just settle for saying that it’s really, really great. We’ve been guarding this precious little secret for so long, and we’ve poured so much love and effort into making it, so now that we finally get to share it, show it and talk about it, it’s quite amazing.

I really couldn’t have hoped for a better reception. You guys totally overwhelmed us with all your kindness, with the way you embraced Unravel and Yarny and the story behind it all. Sharing something personal is always a risk, I guess, but that’s also what makes it so rewarding. It’s truly heartwarming to see something you made out there in the wild, actually working, reaching people, making people happy. I’m deeply grateful that I got to experience that.

One thing that really stunned me was the art you guys made. I honestly never considered that something like that might happen, so it’s been kind of a shock (in the best possible way) to see all the awesome stuff you’ve posted online – beautiful drawings, and great looking Yarny dolls. We love it, all of us at Coldwood. We love seeing your creativity, and we love seeing how you all really get what Unravel is about. Thank you for that! We’ve never really made something people have reacted this strongly to before, so we’re pretty proud. We had to hang some of your stuff up on the walls of our office. It’s great to look at it and see all the passion you guys have for Unravel. It’s inspiring!