Unravel’s Environment: A Story to Discover

Hi everyone, this is Martin Sahlin – Creative Director at Coldwood. Throughout the next few months we’re going to be sharing some videos giving a deeper look into Unravel, and we thought it would be fun to start off this little series with a look at the game’s environments.



Unravel’s story uses very few words. It’s not so much told as it is there for you to discover. We want you to turn it into your own thing, to come up with your own ideas and interpretations. The things we do say, we say through Yarny’s expressions, through moods, moments, music, and – of course – the environment.

From the sea level to the mire, every location in Unravel is based on Northern Sweden – Coldwood’s home, and the place I created Yarny. The game’s design originated from nature, so it felt right to let nature play a big part in the game. While many other games are based on the fantastic, the outrageous, Unravel is about finding the beauty in the ordinary. The ordinary world is full of wonders and adventures too, and getting down on Yarny’s level lets you really see and appreciate that.



As you guide Yarny on this adventure, two stories unfold: one of the past, and one of the present. The story of the past is told through the game world. You’ll find memories, secrets and subtleties in the environment, like pieces of a puzzle that you can put together as you please, and craft your own story.

The story of the present is Yarny’s story. It’s made up of moments, sights and sounds, of places and events that Yarny will experience on this journey. These moments drove our level design. We wanted every level to play out like a story, full of things to remember.



The world of Unravel is full of beautiful things to explore, and it feels like a real, relatable place. We wanted to make sure that every environment feels different, and has something different to say, and we hope that comes across when you finally get to play Unravel on February 9, 2016. 

Martin Sahlin


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