Unravel’s Puzzles: A World of Challenges and Obstacles

Hi everyone, this is Martin Sahlin – Creative Director at Coldwood. For the past few months, we’ve been sharing videos giving a deeper look into Unravel. In December, we talked about Unravel’s environment, and a few weeks ago we talked about the inspiration and creation of Yarny. This time, I wanted to dive into the game’s puzzles.



Unravel is a physics-based platformer where you are tasked with guiding Yarny through a beautiful but sometimes dangerous world. Learning the game’s physics is integral to solving the puzzles you’ll encounter; from pushing and pulling objects to using Yarny’s yarn in creative ways, you’ll be tasked with approaching puzzles in a very tangible way.

As I said when discussing the creation of Yarny, being made of fragile yarn is both a weakness and a strength. When it comes to puzzles, it’s a benefit. It gives Yarny a set of abilities, and new ways to interact with the world. Throwing yarn like a grapple, grabbing the yarn that trails behind you, and attaching yarn to objects – these are Yarny’s tools, and open up a ton of possibilities.




Unravel’s gameplay is like a sandbox. It’s easy to interact with everything, and it all feels very real. If it looks like you should be able to grab and pull an object, you likely can. It makes the world feel more physical, and helps make the puzzles more rewarding. I hope that when you play the game on February 9, 2016, you feel rewarded and excited by the puzzles we’ve created.