New Trailer Shows Off Unravel’s Puzzles

In the first trailer for Unravel we showed you Yarny, and gave you a brief little glimpse of some of the places you’ll visit on your journey, as you guide Yarny on a quest to mend a broken bond. We know a lot of you want to find out more about the game – what you actually do, and what it’s like to explore this world. So for our second video, we wanted to show a little more about how this puzzle-platformer plays, and how you can use yarn to solve environmental puzzles. Take a look.


Being made from yarn is both a weakness and a strength. The yarn can be fragile, or get tangled, or you could run out entirely. But just like the bond it represents, it can also be incredibly strong, and it enables you to do really great things – reaching out, climbing, swinging, connecting, making bridges, or launching Yarny high up in the air – and for more complex puzzles, you’ll have to use all of these abilities together. The puzzles are all physics based, so how you choose to tackle things is really up to you, and your creativity.



We hope you enjoyed this brief look into how Unravel plays and can help Yarny on this grand adventure on PS4, Xbox One and PC.