Thank You for Playing Unravel


Hi all,
So the day came, and Unravel was released, finally. What a weird and wonderful thing it is to make something like this. It’s been an absolutely incredible journey for all of us. It wasn’t always easy, but we’ve loved every step of the way. We’ve accomplished a lot, and learned so much, and we’re immensely proud and happy with how it all turned out. When you create something you always see things you could have done even better, but in the end I think we made something really beautiful.

We set out to create something personal, something from the heart. But we didn’t want it to be personal just to us, we wanted it to feel personal to all of you who play it too. We’re super happy to see how you’ve all embraced this, and made this game yours. We’ve gotten so many messages from people telling us about how they’ve connected with the game, how it made them feel, what it made them think. We’ve gotten so much love and praise from people, and we’re deeply grateful.

Since launch we’ve read a bunch of reviews (there are some quotes, below, from some of them), we’ve eaten lots of semlor, and we’ve watched a LOT of streams. It’s tons of fun (and really useful) to see you all playing, it’s a nice chance to see our creation through your eyes. And it’s nice to hear how much you like it – and fun to see the mosquitoes drive you crazy!

Making this game wasn’t easy, but totally worth it in every way. Would recommend!

Martin and everyone at Coldwood

"Unravel manages to elicit far more emotion than I was ever expecting."

"fantastic environmental puzzles"

AV Club
"The warmth and care the design team put into every aspect of the game is undeniable"

Cinema Blend
"I can only hope that more puzzle games down the road hitch a ride on the Unravel bandwagon"

Yahoo! Tech
"It’s easy to fall in love with Unravel."

"Great visuals, excellent mechanics, and a satisfyingly sweet, personal narrative"

"I couldn’t help but feel like a piece of my own story was wrapped up in the game"


Martin Sahlin


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