You Can Buy Unravel (with a Yarny!) at Best Buy


Do you want to play Unravel with your very own Yarny sitting right next to you? If so, we have some exciting news.

Starting today, you can head over to Best Buy stores in the US and buy a bundle for $34.99 that includes a full game download code for Unravel on Xbox One or PlayStation 4 (provided on receipt at point of sale) and a handmade Yarny figurine!

Literally minutes after the reveal of Unravel, we started to see homemade Yarnys showing up online, which was so amazing – and even more started popping up once we created a “How to Make a Yarny” tutorial. But we also heard from many people that wanted a Yarny of their own, but were worried they weren’t able to make one. We’re really happy to have this option available to make it easier than ever to explore the world with Yarny at your side.